In a post-apocalyptic world, play as a Prescient of the Ymune people and use your Precognition skills to save as many Humans as possible. As you travel down the Great River, explore the banks and collect infected Humans, Medicine Ymunes to heal them, Protector Ymunes to protect the ship from future plagues, Batteries to activate the engine rooms, and of course Food…
In Precognition, you must truly anticipate the future to hope to win. To do this, understanding a new card allocation mechanic, which we have named Dual Select System, is essential. This game mechanic is not only innovative, but it also fits perfectly with the theme of the game, since one of the two cards you will pass up will come back to you the next turn. It’s up to you to make the right choices.

 54,00 Incl.BTW

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Extra informatie

Gewicht 1832 g
Afmetingen 30 × 30 × 7 cm
Aantal spelers




Type bordspel

kaartspel, Real time



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