Ahau : Rules of Yucatan

Ahau: Rulers of Yucatán

Dubbed as a “historicallly accurate Maya simulator” and praised by critiques for its unique gameplay and stunning artwork, Ahau: Rulers of Yucatán is an innovative Euro-Ameri hybrid strategy board game, combining classic elements of worker placement and resource management with a brand new system for dual-engine building and fight for worker zones. Set in the Classic Period of the Maya, the game has a fascinating and immersive theme. Each and every element of Ahau has been lovingly balanced to provide you with the most engaging and challenging gameplay.

Ahau is a homage to the breathtaking Maya culture, bringing their history closer to the players. The cultural and historical aspects of the game were closely checked by Mayanist David S. Anderson, professor of anthropology and archaeology, an instructor at the Radford University in Virginia, U.S.

Player count: 1-5 players

Play time: 90-120 minutes

Game design: Tamás Oláh

Solo design: David Digby

Artwork: Dávid Szabó

 69,00 Incl.BTW

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Bekijk hier de video met de speluitleg van Ahau : Rulers of Yucatan!

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